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Our custom Surprise Box has been designed to ellicit wonder and merriment wherever it shows up.
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The Nova Scotian Schooner

The Grand Daddy of our Nova Scotian fleet, the schooner includes a large Original Rum Cake, NS Clusters, 454g Fog Burner Coffee, Fog Burner Tablet, Fleur de Sel Tablet, Tall Dark & Sea Salt, White Chocolate Cranberry Tablet, Dark Maple, Milk Maple and White Maple Tablet Bars
Flavors of Nova Scotia

Packed with lots of local ingredients, this package really shows what we're all about.   Anchored by our original rum cake, you'll also get our Nova Scotia Concoction chocolates, Fleur de Sel Bars in Milk and Dark Chocolate, our Maple Tablet Collection in White, Milk & Dark, our Fog Burner Dark Chocolate Tablet, our White Chocolate Cranberry Tablet and a bag of our famous Fog Burner coffee beans to round it all out.  Packed in our own Surprise Box - your friends won't know what they're in for!
George's Island Collection

Wonderful confections inspired by the beauty and resources that surround us at our waterfront factory, The George's Island Collection features our large Glen Breton Whiskey cake, made on site at the Halifax waterfront and infused with Cape Breton's famous Glen Breton Whisky. Our Nova Scotia Concoction chocolates feature white, dark and milk chocolates - Nova Scotia Cranberries, blueberries and caramel infused with our own Nova Scotian sea salt. Our premium hot chocolate mix is the perfect accompaniment to this sweet collection. Rounding it all out, we've got one of our White Chocolate Cranberry Tablets and 200g of delicious salt water taffy.

The Nova Scotia Clipper

Small Original Rum Cake, 454g Fog Burner Coffee, Fleur de Sel Tablet, White Chocolate Cranberry Tablet, Fog Burner Tablet, Dark Maple Tablet
Point Pleasant Basket

A brisk walk from our waterfront factory, you come across one of the jewels of Halifax - Point Pleasant Park.  This basket contains everything for a sweet trip to Point Pleasant - or just lounging at home.  A small rum cake, Cashew Brittle, one of our Trail Bars and Maple Bars, a little retro bar and some salt water taffy.  A great treat to share after a walk along the coast, or to remember your time on our coast.
Morning on the Harbour basket

After a row on the harbour, settle in with a warm cup of hot chocolate & a slice of Glen Breton Whisky Cake.  Keep your energy up with a couple of our retro bars and stick some salt water taffy in your pocket to remind you all day of your time on the water.
Coffee Concoction 850g

Alright coffee lovers, listen up! This one is for you! We packed our Peruvian Organic Fair Trade medium roast coffee, our Fog Burner Brittle, and of course our Fog Burner Dark Chocolate Tablet into this basket to top off your caffeine cravings.
Tall, Dark & Tempting

This delicious basket stands up to it's name! With five tablets, it's perfect for someone who hasn't tried our dark chocolate or wants to indulge in our large variety of flavours. This kit includes Tall Dark & Mint, Tall Dark & Nova Scotia Sea Salt, Tall Dark & Cayenne,  Tall Dark & Essence of Orange and the Garrison Brew Bar. These bars provide a rich, dark and tempting flavours that will leave you wanting more!
Triple Fog Burner

A little more than a single shot of espresso, this is a sampling of our coffee infused chocolates and brittle and a pound of our famous Fog Burner coffee too.

It's always a good idea to eat fruit everyday, right? Well with this basket you'll have enough for the whole week! We've put the best dried and candied fruit into our rich Dark & White Chocolate, threw in some nuts to give you a wave of texture and flavor! Included are the Public Garden's Bar, the Terry Who? tablet, the Aprico-cious tablet, the White Cranberry Tablet and our Dark Chocolate Lemon Zest bar.