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If you're lucky enough to live in Halifax, then you're lucky enough to have access to Uncommon Grounds cafes and our great catering selection. Although you can submit your order via this website, we encourage you to call in your order (404-3124) to ensure that we get the order in sufficient time to prepare the goods and deliver them to your destination. Catering is only available for delivery in the South End and downtown core of Halifax. Please note that if you do submit your order online the automated email response for catering is not a fool proof confirmation we will get your order in time as we don't monitor these orders at all times and not on weekends.
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Baked fresh from scratch - we'll put together a selection of our great cookies - you just tell us how many.

Our bakers do some wonderful things first thing in the morning - a selection of fresh muffins straight out of the oven will surely get your meeting off to a good start.

Fresh baked using only real butter for a rich, flaky scone that's out of this world.
Seedy Oatcakes

If you've been into Uncommon Grounds, you know what this is all about.  We've taken a traditional oatcake and added flax, sunflower and poppy seeds to take it to a whole new level.  By far our most popular item.
Sparkling Water 300ml

San Pellegrino
Propeller Sodas

Halifax's own Propeller Sodas - we'll send you a mix of root beer, cream soda, ginger beer and orange.

Chocolate Hazelnut, brownies, date, nanaimo - the list goes on.  Tell us how many pieces you want and we'll put together a sweet tray for you.
Tropicana Orange Juice

Terra Beata Fruit Drinks

Made right here in Nova Scotia, Lunenburg County's Terra Beata Cranberry Farms are now producing three ready to drink fruit drinks.  Cranberry, blueberry and cherry - order a selection for your next breakfast or lunch meeting.
Vegetarian Sandwich

Each day we make a different vegetarian sandwich, from our greek wrap, to our roasted vegetable on focaccia, meatless doesn't have to be tasteless!