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Welcome to the Uncommon Group






Since 2004, the Uncommon Group has been attracting customers to its collection of stores in Nova Scotia with unique products, great customer service and showcasing Nova Scotian products to the world. Online, you can continue to experience the Best of Nova Scotia no matter where you are as well as send a delicious piece of Nova Scotia to your friends, colleagues and family abroad.

At Uncommon Grounds we work with our local roastmaster right here in Nova Scotia to deliver freshly roasted beans in our signature Fog Burner Blend, or our diverse selection of medium roast single origin beans as well.

Over at Rum Runners we’ve been creating Rum Cakes since 2004 using our family’s own recipe and Nova Scotia's own Glen Breton Whisky.  Moving on to Sugah!, you’ll find our broadest selection of products made at our waterfront confectionery – everything from chocolate tablets with locally harvested sea salt to peanut brittle.  If you’re in Nova Scotia, be sure to check out each of these shops in person.