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Tantric Tablet Collection

  • 3995 CAD

Tantra is the philosophy of spirituality, art & science that has eroticism at its core.  Like our approach to chocolate, the Tantric Approach to life is joyful & sensual.

This collection of seven hand crafted chocolate bars feature dark chocolate infused with seven different ingredients each with reputed aphrodisiacal qualities.  The packaging of each bar also includes a different tantric sex position and instructions for it's safe usage.

With seven bars, and seven different Tantric positions, we promise this Valentine's gift will lead to Seven Days of Sensual Enlightenment.


7x100 gram tablets

Day 1: Oral Cowgirl/Dark Chocolate with Candied Ginger

Day 2: Pair of Tongs/Dark Chocolate with Fog Burner Coffee

Day 3: The Crow/Dark Chocolate with Cayenne

Day 4: Pounding the Spot/Dark Chocolate with Nova Scotia Sea Salt

Day 5: The Swing/Dark Chocolate with Chai Spices

Day 6: Tantric Twister/Dark Chocolate with Cinnamon & Nutmeg

Day 7: Splitting the Bamboo/Dark Chocolate with Essence of Orange

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